Interesting journal #2


A business that sells apps to count things.. We all need to count things at some point and this app can count logs, pipes, layers, and other things. It is a beautiful example of doing one thing well and providing value in a niche market. I love their simple and straight to the point domain name.

Shipping containers and more specifically, the intermodal freight containers made the current scale of international trading possible. Earlier than that, amphorae seem to have played the same role in the Roman empire. They were used to ship wine, olive oil, and garum. They were produced at an industrial scale and even displayed the brand of the manufacturer.



This website is an impressive list of weird and fascinating things.. My favourite section is about planes.

While visiting Lisbon, I was surprised when seeing for the first time an outdoor lift. I was expecting Wikipedia to have a list of outdoor lifts but could not find any.

<Image class=“aside” src={import(‘@media/interesting-journal-2/Santa-Justa-lift.jpeg’)} alt=“Santa Justa lift” />