Interesting journal #12


Esoteric websites

I love websites whose purpose is to talk about one thing. is all about “one man’s quest for the most accurate clock”. It’s a great read about the history of cloys and time-keeping.

After clocks, plug sockets. The Digital Museum of Plugs and Sockets catalogues a vast quantity of plugs, sockets and adapters. Personally I love the UK plug (although big, it feels secure and stays well in place) and hate the US one (too small and flimsy). Check out this very unusual phased out design. This museum shows us that there were many iterations for something we take for granted.

HiFi Archiv is an impressive collection of vintage audio equipment leaflets and manuals. Strong vibes.

Some examples:

More catalogues. Brickset features Lego catalogue from 1966 onwards. I love the simplicity of this one.

Who doesn’t love being in a forest? Hearing the little noises and the birds singing is relaxing. This website catalogues recordings from forests around the world. That’s right, hear the sound of a forest in Japan without having to leave your seat!