Interesting journal #3


Electric cars, scooters, and planes have been around for a very long time. They seem novel, but they aren’t. We often overlook how great things take time and imagine that it’s an overnight success. Reckless inventors, technological progress, and time make things possible.

This video from 1959 talks about an electric scooter.

La Jamais Contente is the first car to reach 100 km/h in 1899. It also uses an electric motor!

Colomban Cri-cri is the smallest twin-engine aircraft in the world. An electric version is in the works. When will we all have small green aeroplanes?

Olms are fascinating aquatic salamanders living in complete darkness.

Let’s talk about eco-computing. Low-tech Magazine is a low energy and low carbon emission website. This economy is achieved by using solar energy, an energy-efficient server, and optimising the content. For instance, images are dithered and use a limited colour palette to save on bandwidth. It leads to a surprisingly desirable aesthetic.

I also found a Python library that helps you measure the energy usage of your code.

Some more links on how to build such websites:

Hyper Giant’s bio reactor is, in a nutshell, a human-engineered tree. This reactor uses algae to capture C0₂.