I got obsessed with Bruno Munari’s Tetracono after reading A New Program for Graphic Design. Tetracono is an industrial product made of a steel box and four aluminium cones with the function of showing “forms while they are in the process of becoming”. It was created in 1965.

I love the mathematical precision and how the artwork is defined in terms of spatial and temporal dimensions. I see it as a meditative object about the cyclic movements of nature and the effects of time. Because the intention and the building instructions are clearly defined, the artwork is detached from its material body. Being made in metal or 3D doesn’t matter. The recipe for building the Tetracono survive times; metal can rust.

My obsession led me to create a fan site at tetracono.net. There you can play with the Tetracono in 3D and AR. Along with the site, I made a virtual Tetracono available as an NFT on Hic et Nunc. As I like to call it, the virtual Tetracono is a digital replica of the Bruno Munari artwork for the post-industrial world.