Global warming emoji


The other day I reached for my emoji keypad to find the right emoji to complement my sentence. I could not find anything suitable. The chat in question was about global warming and CO₂ emissions.

I ended up combining two emojis : 🌎🌡️

Good enough. Not perfect.

The recycle icon ♻️ was created on the initiative of a paper container recycling corporation. Thankfully this symbol is in the public domain and has become an emoji. But how come we don’t get an emoji for global warming ? 😢 CO₂ emission is a life-saving problem to solve. And having the right tools to discuss the problem  seems like a good idea. That’s why I propose the creation of a new emoji. It’s visually similar to the spending money emoji 💸 but the bank notes are replaced with the space-filling representation of a CO₂ molecule.

CO₂ molecule with wings

Imagine using it in sentences:

I took the plane instead [insert CO₂ emoji]

I still have a gas boiler [insert CO₂ emoji]

I believe having a global warming emoji can raise awareness and help us cope by letting us express emotion visually. By the way, I’m not the first one to think about that. A Google search pointed me to some projects and initiatives to create climate change emojis. For example OpenMoji and Climoji.

Thinking about this made me realise how emojis are too cute. They represent a world of fluffiness. And perhaps this is fine because they add a touch of fun in a gloomy world.