We often hear someone claim that they want to become successful. Being successful is paramount in our society. Achieving success brings fame, money, and more.

Being successful is a con.

The problem is that other people decide if you are being successful or not. They judge you. They make judgements based on fashion and popularity.

Who should define if you are successful or not? You? Or other people? Why would you care about what others think of you?

Feeling success is a better avenue.

What makes you feel successful? It’s what makes you proud. It could be little things, a mundane achievement, or a checkmark on a to-do list.

Being successful is a mirage. The state of being successful is not an Everest that is available to the worthy after a lot of work. You have the power to feel successful right now. This feeling compounds and leads you to happier and better places.

Go and do things that make you feel successful.