Interesting journal #5


Interesting apps for remote work

Share location and presence between friend and colleagues with There. It’s a nifty macOS tray app.

Sococo is similar but adds a virtual office plan map. Showing your colleagues as avatars on a 2D map add more life.

Gather offer a virtual HQ or office in a game like experience.

Wonder is like Hangout or Zoom, but it let you easily create and talk in smaller groups.

Join meeting with super-powers. Please tell me when, where, and I will be there. Meeter solves the problem of finding out where you should sign in to join your next meeting.

Hand mirror is a cute little app that will show you how you look from your webcam.

Tyke is a minimal note-taking app. Perfect for taking note during the meeting.

The quality of the video from the most webcam is terrible. iPhone’s have a great camera. Why not use it as a webcam with Camo?

Mmhmm has a stupid name, but it let you present and interact with visual like your favourite TV news presenter. It does that by creating a virtual webcam that can process and add effects to your video. Of course, you could roll your own system with OBS Studio and this plugin but Mmhmm makes it easy.